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Providing global excellence by facilitating change and growth and delivering high quality human resource solutions

Excellence, Integrity, Confidentiality, Truthfulness, Openness and Respect

Teaching For Change Pty Ltd trading as 'TFC Grow Beyond’ was founded in 2005 and registered as a company in 2007 in Brisbane with the purpose of providing organisations with expert training in human resource development. ‘TFC Grow Beyond’ is a leading provider in cultural awareness, leadership development, people skills management, coaching and anger management.

In 2009 we expanded our services to encompass Sydney and Melbourne. We are a small team of experts providing a holistic & customised approach to developing your people. This customisation and personal approach to each situation is the cutting edge of our business. It provides the people within organisations with the tools to grow and develop further.

Our vision is to provide global excellence facilitating change and growth, delivering human resource solutions. Our mission is to deliver a meaningful framework providing human resource solutions with integrity and respect.

TFC Grow Beyond Your Expectations' upholds excellence, integrity, confidentiality, truthfulness, openness and respect.

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We provide organisations with what they need.

Working well in teams can increase productivity. The more a team knows about themselves and each other, the more effective they can become.
Limitations can be complemented by another’s strengths, the right people can be placed in the right positions and increasing effectiveness can generate a greater achievement of outcomes, increasing an organisation’s bottom line.

The company shared their desire to create a better team and through the use of the Belbin Team Roles workshop we did just that!

Long hours, shift work and extensive travel requirements can shake one’s work/life balance and time management. Effective investment in teams and individuals can provide enormous dividends.

We provided one of our teams with:

  • Customised Training in Work/Life Balance 
  • Monthly individual follow up coaching sessions
  • Individual reports

The difference between an effective organization and an average one is a desire to grow. Our service customization provided cultural awareness training for management in global positions.


Some of our services

  • Anger Management +

    Expressing anger in a controlled manner can improve and develop relationships. Our workshops are designed to enable participants to gain awareness, skills and tools to deal with anger.
  • Cultural Awareness +

    Cultural awareness is an essential skill in today’s global society. Lack of understanding in this area can cause unnecessary conflict.
  • Leadership +

    Become better equipped to manage complex relationships by developing your leadership skills to their fullest potential.
  • People Management +

    Interpersonal skills are key to successful relationships. An increased understanding of yourself and of others enables you to communicate more effectively, appreciate differences, understand strengths and limitations and increase performance.
  • Coaching +

    Coaching is all about what you as a client may need or want to achieve. You are our focus. No one can leave a life coaching session without having grown
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About TFC

Specialists in business, professional & personal development, providing a holistic & customised approach to the client's needs. This customisation and personal approach to each situation is the cutting edge of our business. It provides the client with the tools to grow and move forward.

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